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When you decide where to spend your holiday, one place should be on your bucket list. It is amazing London. We introduce you with some basic rules you must follow when you visit this place. This simple guide will help you to know more about this city. 

hot blondeIf you are a budget traveler or you simply do not want to spend much on expensive hotels, there is always an option to choose one of many basic hostels for affordable prices. Basic accommodation will be good enough for adventurers who want to explore London and meet some backpackers from all over the world. One night in cheap hostel may cost you 5 pounds. If you are lucky, you will be located near central area, which gives you opportunity to visit all basic local sights. In case that you come with a guide, follow the routes of most popular places in London. Do not miss London Eye, major part of basic skyline with more than 30 capsules designed for the best view of London’s perspective. Rotation of the basic wheel takes 25 minutes and during that time, visitors experience the real excitement. Explanation in several languages will guide you through the history of this attraction, which has been popular for many years. Continue your journey by visiting Tower of London, where the walls reveal the past of royal palace built in eleventh century. Organized guide will tell you interesting stories about each tower, famous prisoners and ghosts that inhabited the palace. It was also the first London Zoo with great diversity of wild animals brought from different parts of the world. 

If you are a fan of basic nature, take some time to explore Natural History Museum with exhibition of rare animals who lived long time ago. The place will take you through the story of spectacular dinosaurs, giant whales and huge mammals of ancient years. Breathtaking skeletons will guide your imagination to the world of nature full of amazing creatures. Everybody are welcome to this journey, because the entry to the museum is completely free. For all art lovers, perfect place in London could be Tate Modern, national museum on the banks of the Thames, where you can see pieces of basic, contemporary and modern art. It is another free entry museum with more than 60 000 works of famous authors like Dali, Picasso, Warhol, Pollock and many others. Permanent collection attracts nearly five million visitors and the number is growing each year. 

Another place that should not be missed is surely Buckingham Palace, popular royal residence and workplace. There is a guide to 19 luxury state rooms that are furnished in special way and paintings of Rembrandt and Rubens will leave you speechless. This guide tour reveals what kind of food royals eat, what porcelain is used and who were the famous guests of royal family. London has a lot to offer and this city will always meet your expectations. Let this city guide you through the history and national heritage from ancient times. All you need is good spirit and the fun is guaranteed.

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