Top museums of London that you can visit in a cost effective manner

Indeed, London is one of the costliest cities around the world and you may not enjoy so many things in London with a tight budget. But if you love to explore museums, then you can explore some of the top places of London in a really cost effective manner and you can get the best experience as well. Talking about all the top plathat can you explore in London without investing a lot of money, I am sharing some of the name below with you.

The British Museum: This is not only one of the top museums of London, but it one of the oldest one as well. It was founded in 1753 and in this museum you can find art londonmore than13 million pieces that can explain the 2 million years history to you. In this museum you can enjoy so many world famous artifices and history things that include Egyptian mummies, great court and much more. And you don’t have to pay any money to explore this one of the top museums of London and you will be able to have the fun in a very cost effective manner.

Tate Modern Museum: This museum holds the crown of national modern art museum of Britain. In this museum you can find all the top class modern art pieces from entire world. This is one of those museums that gives you free entry and you can find art pieces from almost every world famous artist. And this is an assurance that you will have amazing experience after you will explore this world class museum.

Natural history museum: This museum has hundreds of top class exhibits that you cannot find in many other museums. This museum can have many exhibits including dinosaur gallery, mammals gallery, model blue whale, central sculpture and much more. In fact you can find so many amazing things in one museum that you may not

see in many top class museums together. And this is also free to enter so you will be able to have fun in London in a cost effective manner.

The national art gallery: In this London based art gallery you can find almost 2000 masterpieces from some of the top artists from entire world. This is a really big number for masterpieces and you may not find many similar big collections in many top museums. This is a place that can certainly take all the art lovers to a divine zone and when you will explore the place then I am sure you will be able to have great experience in this method.

V&A museum: This is one of the top museums of the world related to arts, design and similar things. Very few museums in the world can have 3000 years of human creativity and artistic knowledge. Recently this museum saw a complete overhaul and renovation that gave it a completely new look as well. So, it you are looking for one of the best museums of London then you can go to this place as well and I am sure you will have great fun there.

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